Our Single Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda 'Grown by Women' supporting a nonprofit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Women Rebuilding Hope.

Rwanda Grown by Women

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Rwanda Grown by women – Trecher, Namasheki

“To rebuild the spirit of a women is to rebuild the spirit of a country”

Women Rebuilding Hope based in Bakavu, Domenic Republic Congo. 

Women Rebuilding Hope, a nonprofit founded in 2013 and led by a 28-year-old Congolese women named Marcelline Budza who heads up a project to help rebuild hope and empower women in coffee.

This is a coffee focused development, where hundreds of female coffee farmers are working to produce top-quality coffee for premium market channels. In doing so, they are helping define social change in a part of the world where simply existing as a women has been most difficult, and sexual violence towards women is widespread.

In the DRC, a women has been traditionally considered less valuable than a man; merely an instrument of sexual satisfaction or a producer of children, she is considered incapable of contributing to her family and community’s need through dignified work, Budza recently said in a conversation “WRH was born out of the desire to combat this idea, through uniting a group of coffee producing women who are fighting against inequality in women’s rights and re-establishing the value of a women’s work.”

By purchasing this coffee you are helping to stop sexual violence towards women in DRC.

Altitude Grown: 1,800 – 2,000

Varietal: 100% Bourbon Arabica

Grade: High speciality

Processing: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Raw cacao, sweet spices of clove and cinnamon raisin and dense red honey