Our Single Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda 'Grown by Women' supporting a nonprofit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Women Rebuilding Hope.

Helping to end gender inequality

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About our Single-Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda

Rwanda Grown By Women single origin

Gender equality is an extremely important topic and is spread world-wide even in western societies such as Australia where inequality of pay or worse, sex trafficking “does” exist.  We focus our attention to Rwanda in the Domenic Republic of Congo where women are traditionally considered less valuable than men, merely an instrument of sexual satisfaction and a producer of children.

This is an issue close to our hearts, and this is why we have decided to support one foundation in particular called Women Rebuilding hope based in Bakavu Rwanda, Domenic Republic of Congo.


We’re always excited to discover what coffee bean is currently in season and we couldn’t put an order in fast enough the moment we heard that Numero Uno were roasting a Single Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda Grown by Women’ to support a nonprofit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo called: Women Rebuilding Hope.

This 100% Bourbon Arabica specialty-grade coffee from Trecher, Namasheki scored 86 under the SCAA protocol with the highlight being the educational programs through the foundation.

The foundation Women Rebuilding Hope, lead by 28-year-old Congolese woman named Marcelline Budza was founded to united and empower women in coffee.

By training women farmers in financial literacy and economic empowerment, as well as access to funding for improved coffee processing equipment has ultimately allowed access to proper education and training on best processing methods, farming practices and waste management.

Not only does this promote sustainability in our increasing demand for coffee globally, but has also helped define social change by re-establishing the value of a woman’s work and allowing them to produce top-quality coffee for premium market channels

This foundation has already empowered hundreds of remarkable of women in different communities, inspiring them to invest in their own lives but most importantly in their children’s future

Together, we can fight against inequality and help make a difference, one coffee at a time. 


By purchasing this coffee you are helping to stop sexual violence towards women in DRC.

Thank you