Intelligentsia Coffee Monadnock Building - Chicago, Illinois

Intelligentsia Coffee Monadnock Building – Chicago, Illinois

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(This is the follow-up post to:   Now, if you want somewhere more laid back, authentic and cosy, check out: Intelligentsia Coffee – Monadnock Monadnock Building 53 West Jackson Blvd.Chicago, Illinois 60604 312.253.0594 ‘Styled to resemble an Italian espresso bar, this store features original tile floors, marble-topped tables and classic bar stylings. For those of […]

Our Single Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda 'Grown by Women' supporting a nonprofit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Women Rebuilding Hope.

Helping to end gender inequality

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*only a limited quantity remaining* About our Single-Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda Gender equality is an extremely important topic and is spread world-wide even in western societies such as Australia where inequality of pay or worse, sex trafficking “does” exist.  We focus our attention to Rwanda in the Domenic Republic of Congo where women are traditionally […]

Did you know? – Coffee Staling

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Once coffee beans have been roasted and degassed (rested), they then go through what is called oxidation. This is essentially the gradual loss of aroma and flavours in the beans, due to the introduction of oxygen to their chemical make up. Oxidation is usually slowed down via proper packaging and storage. Once beans are ground, […]

Did you know? – Coffee from Ethiopia

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Ethiopian coffee beans such as Harrar long berry (dry processed) and Yirgacheffe (wet processed) are among the most popular varieties used as single origin coffees as well as in blends. The Harrar long berry, as it is dry processed, will exhibit a deep wine-like complexity, with a dry edge, while still being fruity yet bold in taste. It is this that makes it […]

Did you know? – English Breakfast Tea

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The classic black tea that we know as ‘English Breakfast’ was originally created from the black Keemun leaves grown in the Chinese province of Anhui, while today’s ‘English Breakfast’ tea blends consist mainly of Ceylon, Assam, and Kenyan varieties. The moniker of ‘English Breakfast’ is somewhat ironic, as it was coined in New York in […]

Eat Science Love: The Science of Coffee, by Vanessa Huron

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My lovely customer and friend, Vanessa Huron has written an amazing blog about coffee and the science behind it. Vanessa’s research and understanding in this subject, put forward from the point of view as a PhD student and Scientist, unravels another dimension about this gorgeous pressurized molecular reaction called Espresso, and also about the science […]