Did you know? – Coffee Staling

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Once coffee beans have been roasted and degassed (rested), they then go through what is called oxidation. This is essentially the gradual loss of aroma and flavours in the beans, due to the introduction of oxygen to their chemical make up. Oxidation is usually slowed down via proper packaging and storage.

Once beans are ground, oxidation speeds up and eventually leads to coffee staling; an extreme loss of flavours and aroma.

If you’re a home barista, our recommendation is to firstly find out how old your coffee beans are from the roast date. We recommend only to choose coffee beans which have rested between 8-12 days from the date it was roasted.

To keep beans fresh as long as possible, always store in a dark, cool, place, and only grind as you go. We here at Duke’s Lounge will only allow an exposure of 15 seconds maximum from when the coffee is ground to when it’s locked into the espresso machine for immediate extraction.

For best results, buy your coffee beans in small quantities at a time, and if you can help it, never buy pre-grounded coffee but instead look into investing in a prosumer grinder as this will help ensure the best possible flavours are retained for best extraction and produce maximum crema.

(We suggest using a conical burr grinder to ensure that your coffee beans are ground to a uniform size of particles to get the most out of your extraction)

Otherwise, come and grab a coffee with us as we have every check and measure installed to ensure that you’ll get the freshest grounds all the time, every time.