Picasso coffee beans
House Blend

This season, we’re showcasing these high-grade specialty single origin beans:

• Papua New Guinea Kokoda AA

• Sumatra Gayo Mountain Grade 1

• Colombia Pitalito

Altitude: 1,000-1,800.

Soils: Volcanic

Processing: washed | wet hulled | fully washed

Cupnotes: Aroma of sweet honey and jasmine. Sweet velvet buttery body. Notes of tobacco, caramel & toffee.


Golden Bean Silver Medal Winner 2015

This single origin organic decaf superior bean has been hand picked and processed with pure mountain water from the glaciers of south Mexico. No chemicals are used in the decaffeinated process.

Cup notes: Clean crisp bright notes, well balanced.

Our Single Origin micro-lot coffee from Rwanda 'Grown by Women' supporting a nonprofit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Women Rebuilding Hope.

Rwanda Grown by women – Trecher, Namasheki

“To rebuild the spirit of a women is to rebuild the spirit of a country”

Women Rebuilding Hope based in Bakavu, Domenic Republic Congo. 

Women Rebuilding Hope, a nonprofit founded in 2013 and led by a 28-year-old Congolese women named Marcelline Budza who heads up a project to help rebuild hope and empower women in coffee.

This is a coffee focused development, where hundreds of female coffee farmers are working to produce top-quality coffee for premium market channels. In doing so, they are helping define social change in a part of the world where simply existing as a women has been most difficult, and sexual violence towards women is widespread.

In the DRC, a women has been traditionally considered less valuable than a man; merely an instrument of sexual satisfaction or a producer of children, she is considered incapable of contributing to her family and community’s need through dignified work, Budza recently said in a conversation “WRH was born out of the desire to combat this idea, through uniting a group of coffee producing women who are fighting against inequality in women’s rights and re-establishing the value of a women’s work.”

By purchasing this coffee you are helping to stop sexual violence towards women in DRC.

Altitude Grown: 1,800 – 2,000

Varietal: 100% Bourbon Arabica

Grade: High speciality

Processing: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Raw cacao, sweet spices of clove and cinnamon raisin and dense red honey