It’s all about passion


Welcome to Duke’s Lounge – Twice awarded as Sydney’s best café
by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide for the ‘One Cup’ category
(awarded for 2012, 2013, and featured in 2014).

..and besides being featured in various magazines and industry media, to put it quite simply,


We love what we do.


‘The decision by Duke Vonggaveesakul to turn from his first passion – motorbikes – to concentrate on coffee was Randwick’s gain.’
– The Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide 2014

We have dedicated baristas pulling perfect shots of espresso and our menu is designed to comfort and fill up hungry stomachs.


Duke’s Lounge has been commented as serving an impressive range of over forty dishes to choose from, made for all types of tastes and hunger using the freshest ingredients and cooked to order.


From classic breakfast favourites like bacon and egg rolls, omelettes, and benedicts, to our cross-cultural introduction of the Bangkok and Moroccan breakfasts, we stay rooted to our fundamentals yet continue to innovate without being pretentious.


We keep things honest.

‘A café like cafés used to be, but with good coffee!’
– Broadsheet Sydney.

At Duke’s Lounge, you will experience a true café culture presented to you by our passionate staff. Our barista area is the showcase of the floor, proudly showcasing our bespoke setup which comprises of only the best espresso equipment; La Marzocco Linea, BNZ, Mazzer Robur and Luigi grinders. In our display case, we have a variety of alternative coffee brewing equipment. From Hario Japan to AeroPress USA, we will make your coffee the way you like it – all you have to do is ask! 


We use only the very best coffee beans, a specialty seasonal blend created by Gina Di Brita of Numero Uno rightfully ‘Picasso’. These Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified beans are grown at 1,100 metres above sea above (or higher) are sourced directly and seasonally to ensure quality and freshness. Only beans that are less than a week old from the resting period are allowed through our grinders.


To enhance quality and goodness, we only use milk by A2 Milk, which is free of permeates and is made up by a single a2 protein. This results in a creamier milk which is both easy on your stomach and also complements our espresso blend, highlighting all the best flavour characteristics to deliver to you a cup of coffee perfection.


We even put importance into our decaffeinated coffee. Using Swiss-water-processed single origin beans from Mexico, we dare you to tell the difference in taste and quality.


Our teas are conjured by Australia’s only known TeaMaster: Tjok Kerthyasa of TeaCraft, who also supplies Australia’s A-list restaurants including the likes of Tetsuya Wakuda, Matt Moran and Luke Mangan. TeaCraft’s passion and focus, directed by Arthur Tong are as spiritual and pure as the tea he personally sources.


Masters of all teas, from the famous black teas to green teas and competition grade teas, TeaCraft Commissions their own laboratory tests to obtain the purest of teas that goes beyond standard tests, guaranteeing that all teas are free from pesticides and heavy metals, while obtaining all the beneficial elements.


Our badass boutique baking by Kelly are also a point to note. All baked treats are done in-house in our café with recipes which have been collected from Virginia to Alaska (USA), some that are family secrets.


..We can tell you more,
but why not visit us!


‘Duke’s Lounge is no newbie to the café scene,
and is known around town as one of Sydney’s best cafés’

– The Urban List Sydney


Located at 153 Avoca st Randwick, come in, say hi to Duke and Kelly and indulge in the world of passion that is Duke’s Lounge and see what the buzz is all about.

Warm regards,